Training Program

Queer LifeSpace’s vision and goal is to create an environment that is inclusive, welcoming and supportive to everyone in our entire community so that they can heal from the wounds of discrimination and learn how to thrive.

Our training program begins in August and runs for 12 months and requires a commitment of at least 10 clinical hours. The goal of our training program is to give students the knowledge and tools to provide culturally affirming psychotherapy to the LGBTQQI community. This includes developing an understanding of the therapist’s role in eliminating bias and discrimination within the queer community as well as understanding the effects of discrimination and oppression in the larger society.

We want the experience of a group of people from different worlds and world-views coming together to create a conversation that is the beginning of a path to culturally sensitive and affirming awareness of the diverse needs of our community.

Our training program includes a weekly 1 1/2 hour didactic session, a weekly 2 hour group supervision and weekly individual supervision. We provide experience in individual, group and couples counseling. We also provide the opportunity to do community ourtreach.

We accept resumes in January and February of each year. Applicants can send a cover letter and resume to Chris Holleran at or call 415-358-2000 x 312.