We here at Queer LifeSpace firmly believe that a queer community that invests in its mental health is a queer community that thrives.  This belief has fueled our dedication to providing effective, affordable mental health and substance abuse services to as much of our community as we possibly can.We are your very own community’s organization.  An organization that is made up of us, especially for us.


Queer LifeSpace Supports “The 8 Movement”

The 8 Movement is a combination of 8: The Movie and The 8 Equality International Film and Music Festival.
Please check out their indiegogo campaign and their work to be a collective voice to not only speak out for marriage equality and civil rights advocacy in the United States but to raise the global consciousness about members of the oppressed LGBTQQI community around the world. Please share! Equality is about so much more than the ability to be legally married.